Leighton Meester Momentarily Satiates Flaunt Magazine’s Ass Fixation [PHOTOS]

Actress, singer and style icon Leighton Meester appears in Flaunt Magazine‘s November issue surrounded my male asses, showing her ass, and posing with a grabby-hands female model.

The cover has text exclaiming that this is “The Mother Issue,” with a subtle label below telling you to “blow your load.” Because nothing goes together like mothers and load-blowing. How Freudian. Now that Flaunt has succeeded in raising your eyebrows for all the wrong reasons, go ahead and read some of Meester’s anecdotes.

Motherhood: “I definitely want kids. It’s really important to me. I think it’s going to be the one thing I do. That’s your life, that’s the meaning of life. Besides art, which I think is definitely part of that. And that all goes in with love and making children – making art. It’s creating. I think that’s the meaning of life.”  Continue reading “Leighton Meester Momentarily Satiates Flaunt Magazine’s Ass Fixation [PHOTOS]”