Julie Chen’s Fu Manchu Kills On ‘The Talk’

Julie chen beard I always say “If it’s funny, it’s not racist,” and Julie Chen with a Fu Manchu moustache is absolutely hilarious.

Four of The Talk hosts (five if you count guest Carnie Wilson) donned beards for a segment where they discussed a woman with a hormone imbalance who grew out her facial hair for Movember, a yearly event that brings awareness to prostate cancer.

Sheryl Underwood (in a Santa Clause getup) joked that Chen “should be running an opium ring.”

“It’s times like these that I like to quote Confucius. And Confucius say ‘No pluck your stubble, good luck no trouble,” Chen responded, struggling to keep a straight face.  Continue reading “Julie Chen’s Fu Manchu Kills On ‘The Talk’”

Donnie Wahlberg Tweets Shirtless Photo Of New Gay Porn Stars On The Block

From left: Joey McIntyre, Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood

The thrift-store version of Mark Wahlberg (Donnie) Tweeted a photo of him and his reunited New Kids On The Block bandmates in the shower with towels covering their mlams (man-clams).

They also all have gay porn mustaches. TS Walhberg offered an explanation of sorts, “After 3 months cultivating, countless insults, thousands of requests to shave the ‪#stache‬.”  Continue reading “Donnie Wahlberg Tweets Shirtless Photo Of New Gay Porn Stars On The Block”

Adam Brody’s ‘Lovelace’ Porn Stache

Former O.C. star Adam Brody has been spotted on the set of Lovelace, not to be confused with Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story starring Malin Akerman (Lindsay Lohan’s replacement) and Matt Dillion.

Lovelace seems to have a bigger cast and its likelihood to be in wide release in the theaters is tenfold.

The biopic’s news of yesterday, besides Demi Moore stepping down from her role in it, due to “exhaustion” (she was replaced by SJP) includes Brody sporting a mustache!

This is a big deal to me because despite the fact that he was 22 years-old during his O.C. years, he was playing a 17 year-old Death Cab, anime and comic fan. That image of him never fades.

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