Nobody Smiles More Than Nicole Richie Being Walked Like a Dog by Britney Spears

Nicole Richie leash Britney spearsTwo of my great guilty pleasure loves are Britney Spears and also The Simple Life, specifically Nicole Richie because she was kind of a looney tune, but a conscious looney tune who didn’t give a crap about anything but getting high and saying made-up words in a chipmunk voice.

Britney Spears is my favorite because every song she makes sounds like porn.

Die-hard-fan-since-age-15 Richie recently visited The Tonight Show to talk about the she went to Vegas to see Britney and her dancers put a harness on her, brought her on stage and handed her leash to Britney, who proceeded to walk her like a dog and how it was the best moment of her life, better even than her wedding to that guy with a fedora glued to his head. 

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Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie Force us to Remember the ’90s

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie at age 13 bring back sweet Dr. Pepper lip balm-scented memories of fluffy pens, flared jeans, smiley face binders, inflatable furniture and Alanis Morissette cassette tapes.

Kim posted a picture of her and Nicole being “oh so cool” for throwback Thursday.

Even with braces and baby fat, these two are sadly a lot cooler than I was at that age with unwashed bird nest hair and gangly skeleton arms.

My fondest memory of the ’90s was relishing the fact that I couldn’t possibly get more awkward, but I was more wrong than an unheated toilet in a Kardashian guest house.

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Samantha Ronson Looks Older Than Lindsay’s Mom

Samantha Ronson and her long-time friend Nicole Richie went down to Mexico this weekend for some sun, fun, music and whatever else they have in common. A bunch of celebrity friends, I guess?

Anyway I noticed that Samantha Ronson looks older than Lindsay Lohan‘s mom, Dina, at least in this picture. Lindsay is of course Samantha’s ex. It’s just surprising that a 34 year-old…wait what???

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