Rihanna For Vogue, November 2012

Who do you think Rihanna talks about in the latest issue of Vogue? Could it possibly be Chris Brown? If you guessed that, you are right but do not deserve a reward of any kind because it’s the most obvious answer ever.

Shot by Annie Leibovitz, who also photographed her first cover in April 2011, Rihanna says the world is “obsessed” with her and Brown.

“To the world, I feel like there’s no closure. There’s some obsession that’s continued even throughout when we weren’t friends or couldn’t be friends at all. Hated each other. The world hasn’t let go. They haven’t seen any progress in our friendship, because they don’t see anything really.”

“I don’t know if people will stop soon, but I feel like as soon as they have closure to it, they will. But they’re not on the inside. They can’t see what I see, unless they’re sitting in my point of view. I guess I’ll learn to accept that.”  Continue reading “Rihanna For Vogue, November 2012”

Rihanna’s Chalice Is Happy On ‘Unapologetic’ Album Cover

Rihanna has released a new album every fall since 2005’s Music of the Sun with the exception of the one year break between Good Girl Gone Bad and Rated R. 

Her latest is titled Unapologetic and has a set release date of November 19, 2012.

In case you forget that it’s called Unapologetic and that she herself will never apologize for dating Chris Brown, she’s written it all over her body, along with other choice words and numbers like “7,” “happy,” “fearless,” “chalice,” “side effects,” “roc,” “faith,” “victory,” “#navy” “diamonds,” “love” and “fun.”

Phuck you Chris Brown and giant Egpytian boob tattoo/carefully placed words.  Continue reading “Rihanna’s Chalice Is Happy On ‘Unapologetic’ Album Cover”

There Will Be Two Parts To ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’

Lionsgate just announced that Philip Seymour Hoffman will play gamekeeper Plutarch Heavensbee and that The Hunger Games is pulling a Harry Potter/Breaking Dawn and splitting the movie version of Suzanne Collins’ action-packed 390 page book Mockingjay into two parts.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire comes out in November 22, 2013 then part one of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay in the same month but a year later.

The series concludes in 2015 (spoiler: there are no “games” in it). That gives us a good three years to find the next big thing.

A craze worthy of Harry’s long wooden wand, Katniss’ bow-holding shoulders, and Bella Swan’s brooding vampires. I refuse to believe that it’s going to be Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Kristen Stewart, Edgy And Carefree, In Vogue Italia

Kristen Stewart’s spread in Vogue Italia’s November issue is not only edgy, classy, andro and high-fashion, but it’s perhaps more informative than anything else I’ve read or seen about her in the past.

We learn that she need not work out to stay skinny (“We’re all like this in my family”) she’s organized, prefers feminine clothes, never lacks enthusiasm on set and despite popular opinion, loves her job.

She also tells the mag that she’s never displayed her natural hair color in any of her films, “Since I’ve been acting, I’ve never had my natural hair color, which is light brown. But it’s okay, it’s fun to see yourself differently when you look in the mirror.”

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Gwen Stefani For InStyle’s November 2011 Issue

Gwen Stefani covers InStyle this week, and as usual she looks kinda like Madonna, but better cause she’s not a mummy who wraps herself in lettuce instead of bandages.

The interview, which was quite bland revealed that 42 year-old Gwen wears makeup constantly (even when she’s not going out) dyes her hair with L’Oreal, and says that having kids is “challenging.” Zzz

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Kristen Stewart’s Glamour Magazine Doily Dress

K-Stew is the face of November’s Glamour Magazine, wearing only combat boots and her grandmother’s doily.

Stephenie Meyer, the Pacific Northwestern Mormon queen of fictional vampire pregnancies and tall sweating werewolves, conducted the interview – which taught us who Kristen prefers to watch Twilight movies with.

“It’s fun to watch with [Taylor] because we actually sit and watch it, me and Taylor are actual ‘Twilight’ fans, so we can sit there and be totally into it! Whereas I sit there with Rob [Pattinson]…he likes it, but he has just such a different energy.”

Yeah. Llamas are fun to watch TV with, so much more cuddly than big-haired Brits with quidditch brooms in their asses. By the way, want to hear Kristen’s relationship advice?…

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Rihanna Is Wigwam BarbadoMonroe, For British Vogue

Who could be better to follow Adele’s October issue of British Vogue than Rihanna?

Not many, honestly – she is after all one of the top 20 current musical entertainers alongside Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears.

For the November issue of Vogue UK Rihanna goes blonde in photos taken by Alaisdair McLellan. (It’s a wig, I presume?)

Anyway, it’s not the most high-fashion thing you can imagine, but hey, it’s Rihanna.

She’s more famous for all her thigh-knocking, juicy juicy bleep bleep (a category I created with Rihanna in mind) umbrella-grasping goodness, eh…

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New Rihanna Album, Due November 21, 2011!

Less than a year after her insanely popular album Loud (Nov 12, 2010) dropped, Rihanna has announced a new effort, her sixth, due this November.

Loud spawned six massive hits in 2010 and 2011 – “Only Girl (In The World),” What’s My Name,” “S&M,” “Man Down,” “California King Bed” and “Cheers (Drink To That)”

I can only imagine what her next (untitled) album will do in terms of record-breaking pop bliss, juicier than organic orange juice. With pulp…

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