Celebrity Reactions To Madonna’s Pterodactyl Nip

Madonna flashed her nipple in Istanbul, Turkey, on June 7 while performing “Human Nature” and everyone seems to have their own opinion on the matter. Either she’s too old, desperate and gross or people are too uptight, and it’s no surprise.

I think there are no 53 year-old nipple anywhere in existence that I’m interested in seeing. And it is desperate, she’s a mom. That “Oops!..I Did It Again” face is as old as the mammary gland itself.

Here’s what a few fellow celebs had to say about Madonna’s MDNA tour stunt:

“There is nothing sexual about that titty and that shoulder. That’s an old titty…I guess she thinks it’s sexy…Looks like a beanbag with a nipple, that breast.”   -Howard Stern  Continue reading “Celebrity Reactions To Madonna’s Pterodactyl Nip”

Lindsay Lohan Should’ve Played OLD Liz Taylor

The last movie Lindsay Lohan was in was 2010’s Machete. To put it nicely, she is rusty, in more ways than one.

There is now a photo of her in the role of a Lifetime (literally, the channel), as Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick.

To quote Pajiba, “Lindsay Lohan looks just like what you’d expect from an actress playing Liz Taylor in a LIFETIME MOVIE” a “low-rent, store-brand, ribbon-cutting ceremony impersonator that you could rent out for $20 an event.” 70% of nearly 100,000 TMZ readers agreed that the resemblance is “nonexistent.”

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Spears And Lohan Face-Morph Videos

A YouTube user has made two videos chronicling Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan from their childhood years to now.

Seeing someone age before your eyes is never fun (the AgingBooth app scares the scheisse out of me) but it’s especially terrifying with these two.

Britney, from “…Baby One More Time” to her 24-hour friendship with Paris Hilton and two-year marriage to Kevin Federline.

It’s still painful seeing these events all at once, especially the bald incident and Dollar Tree weave.

Lindsay’s is actually worse. “25 Years In 60 Seconds” is enough to put a few extra creases in my forehead. It’s as though Louisiana-born Britney always had that hillbilly gene and propensity to be tan and sausage-y. Continue reading “Spears And Lohan Face-Morph Videos”

Lindsay Lohan Looks Like Your Dead Grandmother

Lindsay’s had a tough week, first her nude Playboy pictures were leaked, then she lost her purse in Hawaii and the remaining $10 dollars of her career earnings were stolen from it. Then she missed her plane back to Los Angeles.

Oh AND she was supposed to go on Ellen, to debut her naked body, you know the one we’ve already seen in Machete and I Know Who Killed Me? But that was axed for obvious reasons.

Surprisingly, after all this turmoil, she managed to make it on time to court on December 14th and the judge was like, hey you’re doing an okay job. Actually she said “You’re doing well, I’d like to see it continue,” but whatever, I paraphrased. That isn’t even the issue, my problem is the way she looks in this outfit.

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Katy Perry’s Grey-Pubed Not-So-Teenage Dream

Katy Perry loves transformation almost as much as Lady Gaga. She’s played a bi-curious nympho, a pyrosexual human boob sparkler, a frizzed-out partying brace-faced teenager and Kanye West’s alien girlfriend.

For her latest video for “The One That Got Away,” Perry made her saddest metamorphosis, into an old woman. It reminds me of Kate Winslet in The Reader, if The Reader had been directed by Floria Sigismond. (Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People,” Perry’s “E.T,” The Runaways)

There’s actually two very sad things about “The One That Got Away.” Not only is Perry’s forlorn older-self reminiscing fairly convincingly about her former lover (Diego Luna) BUT if this single goes to number one on Billboard, Katy will pass Michael Jackson’s record.

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Samantha Ronson Looks Older Than Lindsay’s Mom

Samantha Ronson and her long-time friend Nicole Richie went down to Mexico this weekend for some sun, fun, music and whatever else they have in common. A bunch of celebrity friends, I guess?

Anyway I noticed that Samantha Ronson looks older than Lindsay Lohan‘s mom, Dina, at least in this picture. Lindsay is of course Samantha’s ex. It’s just surprising that a 34 year-old…wait what???

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