Weird Al Parodies Robin Thicke, Iggy Azalea, Pharrell AND Lorde All In One Week

Weird al royals parodyIn 1996, after hearing a spot-on parody of “Gangster’s Paradise” on the radio, I bought a glorious tape by the man who wrote it, called Bad Hair Day. It didn’t change my life, but it was funny. I all but forgot about Weird Al until 2006’s brilliant comeback, Straight Outta Lynwoodbut the admiration never left.

The thing to respect about Yankovic besides his work ethic (he just dropped his 14th album), is that he’d rather go for a “poke in the ribs than a punch in the face,” which isn’t easy. Just ask any comedian.

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Funny Video: Betty White Swings on a Wrecking Ball

You’ve seen a million Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” parodies by now, but this one, featuring Golden Girl goddess Betty White, is rivaled only by the one with Nic Cage’s head pasted onto Miley’s naked body.

Hurry up and click to see Betty swing to and fro and brandish a sledgehammer in the name of her crazy Lifetime old folk prank show, Off Their Rockers.

‘I Can Never Ever Keep My Legs Together’ is the Hands-Down Best Song Parody of 2013

Taylor Swift surprise faces I’m not usually fond of excessive Taylor Swift slut jokes because I choose to believe that she’s a prude who won’t let dudes go past second base unless they stand outside her house with a boombox like John Cusack in Say Anything, but the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” parody is too funny to pass up.

The song (I’ll give you a melted Rolo if you find me the name of the singer/writer), re-named “I Can Never Ever Keep My Legs Together,” debuted on the Stern Show in February with little to no response from the public or media.

Put your hand over your heart, pledge allegiance to Howard Stern and give me four melted Rolos for painstakingly writing down the lyrics. (Sing the chorus to your favorite hobag.)

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Funny Video: Chris Brown And Siri

There are a lot of Siri commercials out there, the “rock god” one and its parody, then celebrity variations with Zooey Deschanel, John Malkovich and Samuel L. Jackson.

This spoof happens to stand out because it’s a diss on Chris Brown. I’ll never not be happy to hear the phone say “Somehow you have three in the top twenty” followed by “Turns out music buyers have fucking short memories.” 

Rihanna And Eli Manning Biff SNL, Helga Handler Cleans Up The Mess

Lorne Michaels is not happy with Rihanna.

The singer missed her dress rehearsal due to an undisclosed illness that wasn’t serious enough to keep her from singing live or ‘eating an apple and walking around in between songs.’

I’m almost relieved to hear she was sick, while Rihanna may be known for off-an-on performances, she seemed to be channeling Britney Spears circa 2007 MTV Video Music Awards on Saturday.

Besides that, during “Talk That Talk” and “Where Have You Been” she repeatedly fanned and tapped the top of her vagina. It was kind of like a coconut ripeness test? Or a weave patting session?  Continue reading “Rihanna And Eli Manning Biff SNL, Helga Handler Cleans Up The Mess”

Funny Video: Star Wars – Attack Of The MODELS!

Maybe you’ve had enough of Star Wars parodies, but I haven’t. If you don’t like it, go jump into a pool full of venomous water snakes. Actually don’t, I need as many viewers as I can get.

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Video: Sherry Vine – “You’re A Whore”

You are all familiar by now with Jennifer Lopez’s “On The Floor” featuring Pitbull so I figure I’d introduce you to the Weird-Al-drag-queen version of the song.

It was posted quite a long time ago (June 2011) but it’s one of my favorites by Sherry Vine, visionary creator of classics like Adele’s “Coz My Holes So Deep” and Rihanna’s “We Found Sperm.”

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The Titanic Movie I Want To See In Theaters

It was so obvious that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Titanic was going to die (the lonely granny may have been a clue) but full-grown and teenage women worldwide cried anyway when he froze to death.

It’s because Rose was too big (Kate Winslet: “You know, he’s fatter now – I’m thinner”) to share the wood debris.

Honestly, I don’t believe that, I just don’t understand why she couldn’t have gotten on a lifeboat. Jack would have been floating around on a crate in the Atlantic, alive. Love make you STUPID.  Continue reading “The Titanic Movie I Want To See In Theaters”

A Muppets Style Parody Of ‘Saw’

Suffocated by jellybeans, being forced to play the burning trumpet? These are the traps in the Muppet’s version of the gritty horror film Saw. It’s also a prime example of what can be done when you give a Macbook Pro and a copy of Final Cut Pro X to your favorite college student.

The number one suspect in this murder mystery? Jason Segel, oh, and Miss Piggy too. Seems like her voice was made to  instill fear into puppets nationwide.

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