Mexican Barbie’s Chihuahua and Passport Cause Controversy

Mexico barbie 2013Mattel’s latest batch of “Dolls of the World” Barbies are causing controversy. Specifically, the Mexican version, with her passport and Chihuahua friend.

Others might say that all of the dolls in the collection (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Holland, India, Ireland, China and Australia) are uniquely stereotypical, but not offensive.

They all come with passports, and each one is dressed in an outfit and accompanied by a pet that you would typically associate with that country. Holland Barbie for instance, wears wooden shoes. China Barbie holds a panda, India Barbie a monkey, etc.

Here’s a statement from Mattel, released to Huffington Post after the backlash:  Continue reading “Mexican Barbie’s Chihuahua and Passport Cause Controversy”

Donald Trump Offers Obama $5 Million To Release Misc. Records

Wannabe politician and actual reality star Donald Trump is still obsessed with Barack Obama‘s past and history as some sort anti-American terrorist.

On October 24, after multiple guesses from the media about a new, big Trump announcement including one about Barack and Michelle divorce papers, he revealed the “surprise” that was somehow intended to shake up the election.

Trump is offering $5 million dollars to the charity of Obama’s choosing, if he agrees to release his college and passport records.  Continue reading “Donald Trump Offers Obama $5 Million To Release Misc. Records”