Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera Finally Met

Lady Gaga The Voice ChristinaOn yesterday’s finale of The Voice (spoiler: the Jamaican lady won!), Christina Aguilera joined Lady Gaga onstage for a special performance of “Do What U Want.”

Christina sexy chola danced across the stage while Gaga convulsed like an electrocuted cockroach.

It was as if Dracula broke into Liberace’s closet, put on a wig and seduced Bride of Frankenstein.

Towards the end, Dracula (Gaga) and BOF (Christina) hold hands and prance towards a chaise lounge where they share an intimate date involving rose petals, champagne and the half-assed version of motorboating a chest-to-face hug.  Continue reading “Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera Finally Met”

NO ONE Sings The National Anthem Like Beyonce

Beyonce Obama InaugurationBeyonce is garnering perfect reviews across the board after effortlessly performing the National Anthem at Obama’s inauguration earlier today. Gawker described her voice as “more heavenly than a thousand Hallelujah choruses,” and I can’t really disagree.

Her rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” is comparable only to the one that lady sang at the Panthers vs. Patriots Super Bowl in 2004. Oh oh, that was Beyonce too? Never mind.

Singing this is easier for her than talking, addition problems for preschoolers, or stealing sugar-free candy from Paula Deen’s purse while she’s window shopping for butter.  Continue reading “NO ONE Sings The National Anthem Like Beyonce”

Video: Jen Miller – Doo Da Doo (Live In Columbus)

Here’s Jen Miller (if you still aren’t familiar, read my interview with her already, slowpoke) performing her single “Do Da Doo” in Ohio for Spoonfeed TV‘s weekly Little Box session.

She almost sounds better live than on her EP, Forget The Dirty Hearts, if that’s even possible. Be sure to also check out her performances of “Steal My Heart” and “Forget Your Face.”

Taylor Momsen Onstage With Marilyn Manson (Johnny Depp Too)

For a second I bet you cocked your head to the side and widened your eyes a bit at that headline. This seems like a less likely threesome than Kevin Bacon, Neve Campbell and Denise Richards. But I KNOW, it was boring old Matt Dillon, so vanilla.

If you think about this pairing, it makes sense. Taylor and The Pretty Reckless are going on tour with Marilyn Manson, and Johnny Depp is a known part-time musician who contributed strings and drums to a cover of “You’re So Vain” off the new album, Born Villain, out in early May.

They performed separate duets with the shock-rocker, Momsen for “The Dope Show” and Depp on guitar for “Sweet Dreams” in L.A. for the 2012 Golden Gods awards.

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Rihanna Fans Her Clam, Seduces Jonathan Ross

Rihanna visited The Jonathan Ross Show in London, performing one of my favorite Talk That Talk tracks. It was especially wonderful when she waved her hand back and forth over the Barbados family jewels, to remind us of their existence.

Later, she squat-marks her territory until Ross is drawn out of his chair in an awkward sex trance.

Watch the not-so-elusive Caribbean puma stalk its prey, using highly effective vision and sense of hearing to effectively ambush a timid British talk show host.

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M.I.A.’s Dance Routine More Shocking Than Bird-Flip

Sunday was Madonna’s big day, sports fans too. The queen of pop took the Super Bowl stage (nearly shattering her hip early on) with several big faces in music such as LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, Cee Lo and M.I.A. taking the stage alongside her.

M.I.A., the British Sri Lankan best known for “Paper Planes” plus raucous comments and behavior, shocked the FCC and a few viewers when she flipped off the camera and crowd during her verse in “Give Me All Your Luvin.” The real thing to keep in mind is that I didn’t notice and neither did anyone else. It’s NBC and the NFL’s fault for drawing attention to it. Continue reading “M.I.A.’s Dance Routine More Shocking Than Bird-Flip”

Stars Pay Tribute To Etta James

Etta James touched the lives of many artists, some obvious (Beyonce, Adele) and some not so much (Flo Rida) before and after she lost her battle with Leukemia.

Kelly Clarkson covered “I Go Blind” at Radio City Music Hall four days ago and Adele sang “Fool That I Am” at Somerville Theatre in Massachusetts after learning her idol was ill on January 14, then took to her blog to comment on the loss.

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Lady Gaga Loses Her Head On ‘X-Factor’

When I say she lost her head I’m not making a reference to how disappointing Born This Way was, when compared to The Fame and its expansion The Fame Monster. She just performed on Sunday night’s X-Factor in a headless horseman-style outfit. I would tell someone to remind her that Halloween is over, but in true Ministry fashion, “every day is Halloween” for Lady G-String.

I heard a rumor that Lady Gaga fired her choreographer, Laurieann Gibson, and I was really hoping it was true. Someone needs to be honest…Lady Gaga can’t dance. I’ve seen her live and on TV endlessly and she’s just plain bad. If she were an average girl dancing in a club in Kansas, maybe I’d give her four stars, but as a mega pop star, it’s hard to overlook.

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Robyn Performs “Call Your Girlfriend” On Ellen

Nearly a year after the release of her epic dance album Body Talk, Swedish comeback/reinvention artist Robyn is still promoting it and I certainly can’t complain.

Watch her sing live without sounding like a rattling box of Cracker Jacks unlike so many artists today. (Jason Derulo, Ke$ha, Katy Perry)

And here’s the link to an old and supposedly controversial article that I wrote about her, called “Could Robyn Be The Next Madonna?

Lady Gaga Dazzles Bill Clinton, Usher Shows Some Leg

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Clinton Foundation (“A Decade of Difference”) and Bill’s own 65th birthday, Lady Gaga performed You and I, Edge Of GloryBad Romance (dubbed “Bill Romance”) Born This Way and Government Hooker, in L.A…

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Disappointing Britney Spears VMA Tribute

Obviously I am not happy about the MTV Video Music Awards this year. So far I’ve been excited to see Rebecca Black dressed as a dinosaur, the Amy Winehouse tribute, Adele’s performance and Beavis & Butthead staring at Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass Bazoombas.

While I am happy that there was a tribute at all for Britney Spears and that she won the award for Best Pop Video for “Till The World Ends,” the tribute part of it was a huge letdown.

This year Britney (who looked very healthy/pretty) was presented the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and a group of people got together to apparently, celebrate her history…

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Chris Brown BUTCHERS Nirvana

Soooo, Chris brown came out at the VMAs to dance along to a bunch of songs. He did not sing at all, though he pretended too, barely. Even if he had sung it wouldn’t have mattered because it was complete techno auto-tune bullshit.

THEN he proceeded to dance his way through a variety of songs, including Wu-Tang Clan and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Nothing in the history of the VMAs has embarrassed me more. Not Britney Spears’ sad slow-roasting sausage dance to “Gimme More” in 2007. NOT Coldplay, not the Michael Jackson tribute, which could have been much more elaborate…

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Lady Gaga’s Big Manly VMA Surprise

Well, we’ve been hearing for a week now that we were going to see something from Lady Gaga that we’ve “never seen before” at the VMAs. My thought was, well, of course we’re going to see something we’ve never seen before. It’s the first 2011 VMAs ever, that’s different right there.

So her big surprise is – she came out on stage at  the beginning of the show dressed as her male alter ego Jo Calderone and sang her piano ballad “You & I.” Brian May from Queen even came out to play guitar for her.

Basically she just talked WAY too much, blew puffs of smoke and looked exactly like the girl who dresses up in drag in 1985’s Just One Of The Guys and also the desperate girl gang member in Westside Story.

Oh, also, Justin Bieber made a face like someone had just skinned his mom. Poor kid, terrorized by Al Pacino with a vagina on the day of the VMAs!

Lame VMA Announcement/A Normal Look For Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga made a “special” announcement on August 18th about the VMAs (She’s going to open at the show) and she was wearing what seems to be, for her, a normal outfit!?

Besides the birdlike/sea coral combo hat, this is pretty tame.

She appeared at Times Square (former gathering place of TRL fans) to make the inane comment that she will be the opener at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 28th…

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