Nicki Minaj Debuts Hawaiian Beach Romp, “Starships”

Remember the time Nicki Minaj was beamed out of a spaceship on a tropical island? If you haven’t seen this video then you don’t remember, because it JUST HAPPENED.

Yes, that’s Nicki grinding around Hawaii with green hair and various swimsuits. Mermaids were never easier to catch, but mythical fish or not, I’m starting to realize that I don’t like Nicki Minaj’s persona very much.

Is she starting to fall in line with the Katy Perrys of the world? I listen to some of her songs but I think she’s unusually attention-seeking.

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Man Breaks Into Daycare, Puts On Pink Child-Sized Bikini

A man in Indiana broke into the Kidscape Learning Center just after 10 p.m. on October 20th, where he was seen via surveillance camera, trying on children’s swimsuits.

He found one that he preferred (a pink two piece) and walked around the daycare center for about 10 minutes until he apparently got bored, jumped over a counter, set off the motion detector, changed out of the swimsuit and left.

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