Kobe Bryant ‘Traumatized’ by Dog Poop as a Child

Kobe Bryant dog poopIn January, Kobe Bryant told ESPN that his biggest pet peeve has and always will be dog poop, ever since his father, former Philadelphia 76ers father Joe “Jellybean” Bryant, moved Kobe and his mother to Europe so he could play for the Italian A1 League.

In that same interview, Bryant said he hadn’t been intimated by anything since he was beat up in karate class at age six. But that’s a lie…

Kobe, owner of four dogs, is still absolutely terrified of and intimidated by canine fecal matter.

During Jim Rome‘s Ten Questions segment on Showtime, Bryant re-told the story that makes him sound like the biggest priss in the NBA.  Continue reading “Kobe Bryant ‘Traumatized’ by Dog Poop as a Child”

Overpriced Panda Crap Tea, Coming Soon

A Chinese teacher and artist just got a patent for an idea that would put panda feces into tea format. According to the man, known as An Yanshi, this tea would benefit health because “bamboo contains an element that can prevent cancer, and enhance green tea’s anti-cancer effects”

And, since panda’s have a poor digestive system and only absorb about 30% of what they eat, the panda poop tea would full of fibers and nutrients. The real catch here is that if this tea sees the light of grocery or health food stores, it could cost $36,000 dollars a pound.

At that price, one that Yanshi claims is accurate, it would be the most expensive tea of coffee ever made. (The highest worldwide price per lb for coffee is a mere $600)

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Perez Hilton “Poops” On Justin Bieber

On Wednesday Perez Hilton posted a picture on his blog of him squatting over a cardboard cut-out of Justin Bieber, titled “Pooping Is The New Planking.”

I think it’s just a harmless and slightly unfunny joke, but a bunch of people are getting feisty over it.

I’m not sure how much Justin Bieber had to do with the “symbolism” of the whole thing. I think Perez would have fake-crapped on anyone’s face.

Doing it on a picture of the biggest teen superstar in America (and Canada) and the world may not have been the best idea, since he got called “old,” “fat,” and a “molester” around 100 times in his comment thread. Continue reading “Perez Hilton “Poops” On Justin Bieber”