Yes, Drake’s ‘Practice’ Video Is Real

There are times when I’m surfing YouTube and I accidentally click on links that aren’t what I thought they’d be. These fraudulent videos are the result of some guitar playing singer who used a dollar store webcam to film themselves singing Tegan & Sara covers.

When they aren’t bad covers they’re inaudible clips of  people speaking their mind or dancing in a general attention-seeking manner.

The new Drake video for “Practice” reminds me of that. It simply does not seem real, so much so that I was it wasn’t until I saw it on the Cash Money channel.  Continue reading “Yes, Drake’s ‘Practice’ Video Is Real”

Hey Gamers, Chad Ochocinco Wants To Live With You

Famously eccentric, newly-appointed Patriots wide receiver has made a new and semi-hilarious statement. After being asked about his new-found Boston surroundings he replied casually,

“I’m going to do something different, I’m actually going to stay with a fan for the first two, three weeks of the season,” Chad said after today’s practice. “That should be fun, until I get myself acclimated and learn my way around.”

The lady reporter proceeded to ask him if he was being serious and he responded by saying, “Have I ever lied to you before?”

Then went on to add,

“I’m not sure how it’s going to work, but they have to have Internet and have to have Xbox…That’s about it.”

I think he’s serious and I think he’ll do it, he’s been known to pull crazy stunts for media attention, to expanding the visibility of his brand. This trade to The Patriots obviously isn’t going to make him any tamer, same old Chad Johnson I remember, Twitter-joking, reality-show-having, bull-riding comedian that we all know and love. Or hate? Either way.

Hello roomie, let's play Call of Duty: Black Ops. No I don't have any pants, are you crazy?






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[Chad Ochocinco Johnson, XBOX Live Gamertag = esteban 85, too bad his friends list is fuller than cannibalistic Kirstie Alley]