Sears Forgets To Photoshop Nipple Off Exotic Apparel Model (NSFW)

Sears were accused of smut peddling after an image of a woman in a purple mesh slip revealed a little more than you’d expect from a company famous for appliance sales.

I’ve put a blurry square over the woman to avoid the unlikely possibility of threatening letters from WordPress, but you can view the original photo HERE to see what the fuss is about.

The American Family Association has taken the matter into their own prudish hands.

“Sears knows they are selling smut. Technology allows Sears to remove and stop selling these posters within minutes, so why won’t they?” says AFA president Tim Wildmon.

Colorful New Crab Discovered In The Philippines

A new kind of freshwater crab has been discovered on the Philippine island of Palawan. The purple crustacean, called Insulamon Palawanense, is one of four new 1-2 inch wide species in this genus.

German study author Hendrik Freitag says the brilliant color on this inch wide creatures may not serve a purpose more complex than recognition for others of its kind.  Continue reading “Colorful New Crab Discovered In The Philippines”