Ke$ha’s Hairy Website, ‘Put Your Beard In My Mouth’

We all know Ke$ha likes beards, or at least we know she talks about them a lot. Until now I wasn’t sure that her beard obsession was real. It seemed like another gimmick. Like when she says she digs through the garbage to look for potential outfits. Okay, that could be true as well but this beard thing, it’s confirmed.

She actually has a Tumblr page with the title “put your beard in my mouth, that’s an order.” It may be a quote inspired by Conan O’Brien but it truly is a website encouraging men to submit pictures of their beards for her viewing pleasures.

Ke$ha even attended the New York City beard competition in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to “get inventory” as she put it, and to flirt with burly men who desperately need to SHAVE.

(I don’t understand this fetish. Beards should be illegal in all 50 states. Puerto Rico too)