This Gamer’s Reaction to Losing at Resident Evil is PRICELESS

 After just finishing a boss battle with only 10 minutes remaining in the game and being watched by hundreds of viewers during a speed run of the original Resident Evil on the PS Vita, Twitch.TV user Carcinogen made a fatal mistake and prematurely game over-ed.

With no save file in sight, his reaction was absolutely perfect. Instead of throwing the Vita against the wall, yelling, crying or suddenly cutting off his camera in shame, he simply slumped straight down in his chair with a look of  embarrassment and surprise until he was completely out of frame.

To see the full chain of events with gameplay footage, head over to Imgur.

‘Pork-Cat Syndrome’ Is Real!

Thank god I’m not allergic to cats, not only because I have three, but also due to the fact that many people who suffer feline allergies also experience a negative reaction to pork products.

And, when I think of pork products my mind immediately goes to bacon, the most amazing type of meat in existence besides fried chicken. How could you live without bacon and kittens in your life? I’m not making this up either, the name or the illness. Pork-Cat Syndrome, was featured in a news story I viewed only a few hours ago.

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