Video: Nico Vega – “Easier”

Some might call Nico Vega a small band for their ability to fly under the radar, but you could never call their sound or vision anything but big.

The band (which I’ve seen four times at local bars and once as an opener for Metric) have undergone changes in 2012, like the addition of bassist Jamila Weaver and the birth of frontwoman Aja Volkman’s daughter with Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds.  Continue reading “Video: Nico Vega – “Easier””

Band Profile: Nico Vega

When you see Nico Vega in concert you forget that they’re not the biggest band in the world. You forget that you’re encompassed in a crowd of under two hundred people.

You feel that you are hearing Led Zeppelin’s guitar and Nirvana’s drums, while witnessing Janis Joplin’s stage presence.

After seeing almost all my favorite bands/artists in concert, the big names, and small – everyone from The Foo Fighters to The Killers to Lady Gaga to Sonic Youth, I’ve come to the conclusion that Nico Vega is the best in concert.

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