Miley Calls Former Role Model Sinead O’Connor Crazy

Miley Cyrus tongue iheart radio
After reading an open letter from the woman whose song “Nothing Compares 2 U” inspired “Wrecking Ball,” Miley Cyrus subtly screenshotted tweets Sinead O’Connor wrote about finding a psychiatrist, posted a picture of her ripping the pope in half on SNL, and compared her to Amanda Bynes.

While O’Connor’s letter was intelligent and full of valid points, it doesn’t come off as entirely genuine. Publicizing the content of the message seems hypocritical, and it’s hard not to argue that she’s after the same publicity she repeatedly warns Miley of.  Continue reading “Miley Calls Former Role Model Sinead O’Connor Crazy”

Justin Timberlake Raps In New Freesol ‘Role Model’ Video

We all knew Justin Timberlake was heavily influenced by hip-hop, R&B and rap but we’ve never really heard him rap before, well, not for an extended period.

He appears as a guest on the new Freesol video, hopping and spouting angry rhymes in “gritty” black and white next to the Tennessee natives.

I love how taking away color makes everything automatically authentic. Take a picture of Snooki and put it in black and white, suddenly she’s Marie Antoinette…

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