Beth Behrs Goes Brunette On ‘2 Broke Girls,’ Looks Even More Like Lea Michele

The season two premiere of 2 Broke Girls aired on Tuesday and in the episode, titled “And The Hidden Stash,” Caroline (Beth Behrs) and Max (Kat Dennings) visit Caroline’s father in jail, who tells them to go to an estate auction featuring her family’s possessions to acquire a horse-jumping trophy.

This calls for one half of the most hilarious television pairing since Monica and Rachel to put on a disguise – a brunette wig.

And speaking of Rachel, Rachel Berry of Glee, that is, Beth Behrs looks enough like Glee‘s Lea Michele in a brown-haired wig to make everyone wonder if they do in fact share DNA. Kind of like how Dennings shares devil genes with Hilary Duff.  Continue reading “Beth Behrs Goes Brunette On ‘2 Broke Girls,’ Looks Even More Like Lea Michele”

Five Creepy ‘American Horror Story’ Promos

Now that we know sparse details about Ryan Murphy’s second season of American Horror Storythere are also five 10 to 20 second promos. They will ultimately get the fans excited, but have little to do with the show.

Personally, I’m more interested to see if Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk can get away with changing the location from a haunted California mansion to an insane asylum on the East Coast.

Jessica Lange’s new role as an administrator of the institution could also make the show.

Horror Story resonates for people because it is wildly unique, despite its many flaws. Murphy put television in a vice with FX’s Nip/Tuck, Glee (who knew a 45 minute musical could get ratings), and now this.  Continue reading “Five Creepy ‘American Horror Story’ Promos”

Claire Danes’ Pregnancy Will Not Affect ‘Homeland’

As much as I dislike the idea of having children myself and think it would be as pointless as clicking that you “like” inane pages like Walking, Nature and The Beach on Facebook, I’m fine with celebrities getting pregnant.

I like seeing how their bodies progressively deform and thinking how I’m happy that it isn’t happening to me. I even like when they lose the weight, great success, whatever. Claire Danes is now on that list…

Her rep confirmed the news to People. Her husband is Hugh Dancy (Adam, The Big C), making them one of the cuter and equally talented Hollywood couples.

My biggest fear was that the Showtime terrorist drama Homeland would somehow be affected and they’d have to make her CIA agent character pregnant (which might work since she’s kind of a slut) but apparently that is unlikely.  Continue reading “Claire Danes’ Pregnancy Will Not Affect ‘Homeland’”

Jessica Lange Will Play A Nun With A Fienne Boyfriend On ‘American Horror Story’

Earlier this year American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy revealed his plans to change up the location and time period for season two, and that some characters would be returning (Lange, Peters, Quinto) and that some (Britton, McDermott, Farmiga?) would not.

More details on your favorite show about ghosts (because there are none besides the ones on Syfy of guys with night vision cameras, jangling teeth, and cold breath) have emerged…  Continue reading “Jessica Lange Will Play A Nun With A Fienne Boyfriend On ‘American Horror Story’”

Who Has What It Takes To Win ‘The Voice?’

I became obsessed with The Voice last season, when the show was in its beta phase. When they didn’t anticipate enough rejections in the blind auditions, and cast members had to re-audition to fill spots.

The show is still flawed, battle rounds pit too good of foes against one another, causing people who might have won to go home early. Angie Johnson versus recently axed Cheesa was one of those times.

Continue reading “Who Has What It Takes To Win ‘The Voice?’”

Total Eclipse Of The Divas, ‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds Begin!

After five fantastic never-grueling rounds of blind auditions, season two of The Voice (or, as one blogger called it, “DID YOU KNOW UGLY PEOPLE CAN SING, TOO?”) has progressed the ever-so-difficult Battle Rounds.

Difficult because the pairings are sometimes mismatched due to singing style or talent. Monday night’s episode had two battles where each of the four contenders were so good that they could have won American Idol in a snap.  Continue reading “Total Eclipse Of The Divas, ‘The Voice’ Battle Rounds Begin!”

How Not To Get A Zombie Out Of A Well, By ‘The Walking Dead’

In “Cherokee Rose,” episode four of The Walking Dead season two, we learn a very valuable lesson, exactly what not to do when there’s a zombie stuck in your well. And, since I encounter this dilemma nearly every day, I figured I’d write down the anti-instructions.

Step One: Nearly forget to check your water source before drinking from it. At the last minute, notice shirtless mongoloid closed-eye fatty boom boom walker at bottom, poisoning your tap fluids.

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