Kobe Bryant ‘Traumatized’ by Dog Poop as a Child

Kobe Bryant dog poopIn January, Kobe Bryant told ESPN that his biggest pet peeve has and always will be dog poop, ever since his father, former Philadelphia 76ers father Joe “Jellybean” Bryant, moved Kobe and his mother to Europe so he could play for the Italian A1 League.

In that same interview, Bryant said he hadn’t been intimated by anything since he was beat up in karate class at age six. But that’s a lie…

Kobe, owner of four dogs, is still absolutely terrified of and intimidated by canine fecal matter.

During Jim Rome‘s Ten Questions segment on Showtime, Bryant re-told the story that makes him sound like the biggest priss in the NBA.  Continue reading “Kobe Bryant ‘Traumatized’ by Dog Poop as a Child”

Video: Gums – “Dark Passenger” (Dexter Rap Song)

Check out this song by Oregon-based rapper Gums. He uses the intro music for the Showtime hit series Dexter. 

Very clever, I’ve heard that song a milliong times, yet still a don’t tire of hearing it a new way! Thanks dude-whose-name reminds-me-to-brush-my-teeth, you beat Eminem to the punch, cause this totally seems like something he would do since he loves associating himself with all things murder.

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