Portland Gets It Right With ‘Post No Bills’ Sign

Post no bills sign portland
Some special soul in my native Portland, OR provided this daily haha in the form of a “Post No Bills” sign surrounded by pictures of famous dudes named Bill across from Reed College.

Here we see Nye, Hader, Maher, Idol, Clinton, Gates, Shakespeare, Cosby, Mr. Bill, and Murray, but no Shatner, as one commenter noticed after George Takei shared the photo.

Apparently “post no bills” signs are an outdated reminder for shameless promoters to keep flyers off of boring fences and the like. From Yahoo! Answers:

‘Bills’ simply means flyers and paper advertisements, hope that helped! It’s common to find this sign on derelict buildings and boarded up places.  Continue reading “Portland Gets It Right With ‘Post No Bills’ Sign”

SlutWalk 2013 Participant Generates the Best Sign Evahh

Jesus loves slutsThere’s this thing in Canada and other parts of North America and hopefully the world called “SlutWalk” where women march the streets with signs and sometimes skimpy outfits declaring that women do not deserve to be shamed, raped or dehumanized just because of the way they dress or act.

It’s amazing, and this sign from peaceful protestors in Edmonton, Alberta (one of my favorite cities, hands-down best hockey team, mmm poutine) is clearly the best sign ever.

Jesus Loves Sluts. Mary Magdalene. Heck yeah. Where are Beavis and Butthead when you need them?

‘Public Swimming Pool, White Only’ Sign, Decorative And Harmless? Mhm

Oh my fucking god, the world is coming to an end! And it’s not because asteroids are going to smash the earth’s surface like pizza dough or because we are going to drown in melted ice cap water and polar bear fur. It’s because it’s 2012 and some people are actually still more homophobic, sexist and racist than you can fathom.

Ignorance is not bliss, in the case of a female landlord in Cincinnati who put up a “Public Swimming Pool, White Only” sign on the gate outside her apartment complex’s swimming pool and claimed that a black girl’s hair products had made the water cloudy.

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