How Channing Tatum Snubbed The Press With a Single Facebook Photo

channing tatum jenna dewan baby picI get slightly confused when people say Channing Tatum is smart.

I mean, smarts don’t really matter much when you’re that handsome and charismatic, I’m just saying that when the zombie apocalypse comes and the undead come looking for brains they may just pass him up. 

Regardless, the director of White House Down said he wouldn’t have cast Tatum if he hadn’t been so nice and “super smart” and poke-a-hole-in-the-condom worthy.

Beautiful brainless people do have their moments. Kim Kardashian had hers with the whole baby photo switcheroo and Charming Potato and his wife Jenna Dewan had a similar, f*ck those people moment involving their newborn…

Instead of selling their tater tot’s smashed skin fold pug face (I’m speaking generally here) to Us Weekly or People for a fat paycheck, the Potato family decided to simply put a photo of Everly Tatum on Facebook.

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Video: Girl In A Coma – “Smart”

Video from the San Antonio natives fourth CD, Exits and all the Rest on Blackheart Records. (Joan Jett hand-picked GIAC for her label after seeing them perform in 2006 at the Knitting Factory in New York)

Director Jim Mendiola, who has worked with sisters Nina Diaz and Phanie Diaz plus bassist Jenn Alva several times in the past, says the video (like their name) is inspired by The Smiths.