Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Are Married

You can add Blake Lively to the list of naked women on the internet who have called or do call themselves Ryan Reynolds’ wife. They got married on an old haunted plantation in South Carolina Sunday night.

Scenes from The Notebook were filmed at the location, 320-year-old Boone Hall Plantation And Gardens. Celebuzz has photos of the local hotspot.

Reynolds’ wedding to Lively has thrown everybody off, possibly more so than the engagement to Alanis Morissette in 2004 and marriage to Scarlett Johansson in 2008 (divorced in 2010). And why would high-profile celebrities want to walk down the aisle in South Carolina? Simple – there’s no one there. No one but slave ghosts. Continue reading “Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Are Married”

Man Swallows Cocaine That Was Stored In His Brother’s Ass, Overdoses

In South Carolina a 20 year-old man passed away in a bizarre and tragic death that occurred after he swallowed a bag of cocaine that his brother, DeAngelo Mitchell (right) had previously been storing in his anus.

They were pulled over in North Charleston due to a malfunctioning taillight and then put into a police cruiser in handcuffs on suspicion of drug possession. The car’s camera captured Wayne Joshua Mitchell’s 23 year-old brother pleading with him to chew and shallow the ounce of cocaine.

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