‘Taming The Yeast Beast,’ With Caroline Sutherland

So I’m listening to Howard Stern yesterday and I discover via a phony phone call discussion with Richard Christy that there is a woman who specializes in candida and does a show called “Taming The Yeast Beast.”

Sadly Christy’s information was a bit off and that sentence is only partly true. Caroline Sutherland does have a internet radio show and one episode was called “Taming The Yeast Beast,” but she tackles a new topic each week, beyond just yeast.  Continue reading “‘Taming The Yeast Beast,’ With Caroline Sutherland”

Whitney Cummings Gets Candid About The Criticism Towards Her Show

Whitney Cummings became a friend of the Howard Stern Show back in late 2008 after she gained notoriety for her Comedy Central roast jokes.

Since then she’s become the writer and producer of two shows, 2 Broke Girls and Whitney, one acclaimed, one heavily criticized.

Cummings appeared on Stern last week (I get a lot of story ideas from there because I’m a non-famous member of the wack packin a state of disarray (about the backlash towards Whitney) and honesty about her sister’s drug and alcohol addiction. When Howard expressed concern about her emotional state, the insult comic known for her tough-exterior nearly broke down in tears.  Continue reading “Whitney Cummings Gets Candid About The Criticism Towards Her Show”