Kanye is ‘Definitely’ Recording With Taylor Swift

taylor swift kanye memeWhat kind of world am I living in? Apparently one where Kanye West and Taylor Swift bury the hatchet by recording sweet sweet music together.

Kanye hasn’t recorded sweet sweet music since 2010, and while I doubt a country/pop crossover with Taylor is the answer, it’s still astounding that he says he’s for sure going to make sure going to make music with the girl who’s moment he ruined on behalf of Beyonce all those years ago.  Continue reading “Kanye is ‘Definitely’ Recording With Taylor Swift”

Chelsea Handler Gets Naked With Sandra Bullock For New ‘Chelsea Lately’ Studio

Chelsea Handler has been talking up her move to a new studio (Conan’s old set from The Tonight Show) on the Universal Lot for several weeks now and that day finally arrived on October 15.

Her last episode in the old studio featured special appearances from rapping Gywneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz and Monday’s opening held another surprise –

Chelsea and Sandra Bullock in the shower. Bullock scolded Chelsea, slapping her and humiliated her with jokes about her bladder.

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Rihanna – Through The Four Eyes Of Terry Richardson

I’m seeing an abundance of google type-ins for “Rihanna by Terry Richardson” coming up on search engine references for my page and I know it’s just because I happen to have loads of Rihanna articles and several separate ones that involve A-list photographer Terry Richardson.

I figured I’d just put them on here, even though they’re from May 9th. And before you say it, it’s not just because I like Rihanna okay!? The Google searches are real.

I’m sick of my friends laughing at me when I suggest going to see her in concert. Bastards.

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Emily Haines Reveals New Metric Album Details

Emily Haines of the massive indie/rock band Metric revealed to Spin Magazine’s Peter Gaston that they already have 13 songs ready to mix for their upcoming fifth CD, a follow-up to their massive 2009 hit Fantasies, which had them playing arena shows and rolling in the success of songs like “Help I’m Alive” and “Gold Guns Girls.”

The enormity of their fifth effort earned them an offer to pen a track for the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack with Howard Shore – a very brave and questionable career move. The type that might cause skeptical fans to throw “sell out” digs their way…

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