Chris Pratt Just Landed the Lead in Marvel’s Next Big Franchise

Chris Pratt StarlordLike many women of the 20-something age group, I first saw Chris Pratt as a completely cliché, granola-munching hippie on The O.C.

The more he traipsed around in plaid talking to Summer (Rachel Bilson) about spirit animals the more I disliked him as an actor and person. Only a minor change of heart occurred when I heard he was dating Anna Faris, because I figured she wouldn’t get with a humorless square.

THEN I finally suckered myself into watching Parks and Recreation after resisting for at least two years because I hate the talk-to the-camera format of The Office…  Continue reading “Chris Pratt Just Landed the Lead in Marvel’s Next Big Franchise”

Speaking Of Ryan Reynolds…

The dude doesn’t play any other characters besides shirtless goofs and comic book characters. (I didn’t even include a pic of him in Blade: Trinity cause it’s not costume-y enough)

I just wanted to point out that Ryan has now starred in FOUR superhero type movies (Blade: Trinity, indie dramedy Paper Man, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern)

If he’s not exposing gleaming chest skin and hip bones than he’s parading around in latex or starring in comedies with Betty White or Tara Reid, who are visually the same age.