Teeny Tiny Non-Arrest Worthy Bag of Marijuana Found on Bieber’s Tour Bus in Sweden

Justin bieber stonedLike an NC-17 movie with too many storylines, Justin Bieber‘s life continues to build and build with no promise of a climax. No retirement ala Amanda Bynes. No Layne Staley overdose. No John Denver plane crash. Not even a lip syncing scandal or 30-pound weight gain in sight!

Instead, we get modern, morality-based children’s stories like  “Justin yells at the paparazzi,” “Justin gets a speeding ticket” and the most recent, “Justin has drugs on his tour bus.”

On Wednesday night, a very small bag of weed was found on the floor of Justin’s very empty bus in Stockholm.

No one was charged or thrown in the slammer or ordered to work at the Ikea factory or happy ending massage parlor as punishment and it’s all very boring.  Continue reading “Teeny Tiny Non-Arrest Worthy Bag of Marijuana Found on Bieber’s Tour Bus in Sweden”

Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [11-10-12]

Sweden hates Chris Brown, I love Sweden. It’s that simple. (Bloody Disgusting)

Hot Topic to open lingerie boutique called “Blackheart?” (Grouchy Muffin)

Guy who wrote Little Miss Sunshine officially writing Star Wars Episode VII. (Examiner)

David Beckham shirtless for H&M, Autumn 2012. (ohmyGAHH!)

Threesome alert: Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler lock eyes with Vanessa Hudgens. (Radar)

Comedian Katt Williams sued for $5 million for punching assistant. (TMZ)

Victoria Jackson still devastated about Obama re-election, calls for impeachment. (Evil Beet)

Madonna’s Tour Truck Takes A Spill

A truck carrying equipment for Madonna‘s MDNA tour pulled a Super Bowl XLVI when it overturned in Sweden on its way to Ullevi Stadium for a concert that should take place later today.

No one was killed but a few cars were damaged, one person was injured, and traffic was blocked. Or, as Madonna would have said if she were there, “WHY AREN’T YOU LOOKING AT ME?!”

I like to imagine that some nice Swedish woman was walking around sightseeing and was suddenly hit in the pointy pale face by a metal wedding dress or a bag of white top hats but pictures seem to indicate that it was just a bunch of boring speakers.  Continue reading “Madonna’s Tour Truck Takes A Spill”

Behold! The Sheep-Herding Rabbit

A Swedish rabbit named Champis is drawing a lot of attention to him and his owner for his sheep-herding talents.

Skills that he learned from watching his canine brother.

Champis’s owners, Greta and Nils-Erik Vigren are thrilled and surprised at his gift and success.

The video of him aggressively herding to the song “Run Rabbit Run” by Flanagan and Allen is, like the majority of talented/baby animal videos, a big hit.  Continue reading “Behold! The Sheep-Herding Rabbit”