Justin Bieber Made a Half-Canadian, Half-Euro Baby in 2010

Justin Bieber Eiffel TowerJustin Bieber has a new baby mama, except this one is better/more scandalous because she’s older, from a different country and claims Justin was 15 (instead of 16) when she slept with him. Like baby mama #1, Mariah Yeater, the new woman makes Justin out be the predator even though the state he supposedly diddled her in has pretty strict statutory rape laws.

The 25-year-old European floozy says she met JB in Miami Beach, FL in 2010 during his My World tour. The night allegedly began with sexy Mozzarella Sticks at TGI Friday’s and ended with some rawdogging at at The Perry South Beach Hotel (formerly known as the Gansevoort).

Here she is, two and a half years later, sitting with her screaming toddler daughter seeking fame and fortune (which confuses me, because she refuses to identify herself).  Continue reading “Justin Bieber Made a Half-Canadian, Half-Euro Baby in 2010”

Rihanna Calls a Toddler her ‘N*gga,’ Goes Topless on Instagram for the Trillionth Time

Rihanna topless instagram 2013 A small portion of Rihanna’s fans became upset after their blunty Bajan queen referred to a young boy as her “lil’ nigga” over the 4/20 weekend.

I’ve never minded the use of the word by black men or women. I also don’t care if Jewish Americans or members of the Hispanic community make fun of themselves in what could be considered a derogatory way. To me, it’s all like calling yourself fat. You can do it. Other people can’t.

That being said, she’s calling someone else that, and it’s a child.

Maybe only old white fogies consider things like this controversial. Maybe I’m too liberal for not caring. Who knows.

On to other things conservative crackers frown upon. Rihanna posed topless on Instagram prior to a concert in Atlanta, which isn’t news at all. (Text me when she breaks out the burka.)

The Latest Disney Princess Is…A Little Kid?

Disney are known for their unique and (surprisingly) ethnically diverse movie princesses such as Jasmine, Snow White and Tiana from 2009’s The Princess And The Frog. Their latest is also a first for the multi-billion dollar company – because she’s a preschooler.

No word on whether or not the movie will hit the theaters or not. The television show (yes she’s starring in a show too) looks to draw in child viewers between the ages of two and seven. Sophia The First debuts in film format 2012 and TV in Spring of 2013.

Ariel Winter of Modern Family will voice Sophia with Sara Ramirez (Grey’s Anatomy) as a Queen and Wayne Brady as a talking rabbit. No joke. Sophia-based toys and clothing are already being made.