Police Continue to Search For Egg-Related Clues in Justin Bieber Case

Justin and lil za instagramFun and true facts:

1. Justin Bieber’s home was raided on Tuesday after a neighbor complained that he’d egged his house.

2. After an initial arrest for drug possession, Bieber’s buddy Lil’ Za was kept in jail longer for vandalizing a phone.  Sources tell E! he “got angry,” yelled and “ripped the phone off the wall entirely.”

3. Because Bieber’s neighbor claims his house was damaged to the tune of $20,000, the crime has been classified as a felony.

4. Police have not found significant evidence to charge the Biebs, but Los Angeles Lt. Dave Thompson says “The investigation is ongoing.”  Continue reading “Police Continue to Search For Egg-Related Clues in Justin Bieber Case”

Shaun White Gave Himself A Black Eye After Trashing Hotel Room

A less gingery, but extra douchey Shaun White has been charged with vandalism and public intoxication.

The police were called to Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville at around 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 16 where White broke a phone and started a fight with a good Samaritan.

The Olympic snowboarder got a black eye after he fell on his head trying to attack a hotel guest who tried to stop him from fleeing the scene in a taxi.

Cops tell TMZ that he seemed “extremely intoxicated” and smelled like Dina Lohan’s hip flask.

Tyler, The Creator Got Arrested, Pretended It Never Happened

MTV Best New Artist VMA winner Tyler, The Creator was arrested on December 22nd at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles for vandalism. Even though there’s a mugshot and police report, he’s denying the whole thing.

Tyler (real last name: Okonma) was performing with his group, Odd Future, when the situation got out of hand. Roxy employees were forced to call the police after he yelled at the sound tech and destroyed a microphone and soundboard.

His denial doesn’t surprise me, the guy may be one the biggest ignoramuses I’ve ever seen. His Twitter, the site he used to express his fake surprise at the story of his arrest, reads like Rush Limbaugh’s thought process. Here are a few gems from it…

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