Lindsay Lohan Caught Drinking Vodka in the Darkest Crevices of California

Lindsay Lohan in the mirror“Sources close to” Lindsay Lohan say she spent a large chunk of her week drinking in spite of just being ordered to go to rehab for being a dirty alcoholic by a judge in Los Angeles.

When they say the sources are close I think they are literally in her vicinity, and are in no way her friends, though I could be wrong. Anyway, some fellow winos claim to have spotted Lindsay pouring vodka into her gullet at AV Nightclub and her Beverly Hills hotel on Monday, then again on Saturday at FLUXX in San Diego.

The surprising part is obviously not that she’s drinking, but that she flew or drove two hours to San Diego for cocktails.  Continue reading “Lindsay Lohan Caught Drinking Vodka in the Darkest Crevices of California”

G-Spirits Pour Their Rum, Whiskey And Vodka Over The Teats Of Models

If you like alcohol and ridiculously out-there methods to make products unique, you’ll LOVE G-Spirits, a German liquor company that sells bottles of rum, whiskey and vodka that have been “poured over the breasts” of “special women” (underwear models).

The creators decided that dumping liquid on boobs before bottling, then selling it to refined gentleman James Bond wannabes for 129 euros (roughly $160 American dollars), was a great idea.

Sooo next time your boss is trying to butter you up, he might offer you this, instead of a cigar. Sports agents/boosters of colleges too. “Hey kid, you’ll be playing in the NFL in no time, here’s some shit a naked playmate used as a waterfall.” Mmm tit sweat.  Continue reading “G-Spirits Pour Their Rum, Whiskey And Vodka Over The Teats Of Models”

Chase Your Chilli Vodka With A Self-Cooling Energy Drink

Fear not self-abusers, if you were thinking about trying that new vodka made with Naga Jolokia “ghost” chillies there’s something you can cool yourself off with afterwards.

Look to West Coast Chill which boasts instantly cold beverages at the press of a button located on the bottom of the can. From the company’s website:

“Chill Can® and Micro-Cool® are a World Class technology that when the button is pushed transforms a warm beverage into a cold refreshing drink which stays colder longer than a conventional can by 30 minutes.”

Soon this could be utilized for beer, soda and any other cold camp-friendly drink you can imagine. Now back to the spicy alcohol. “100,000 Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka” is stronger than police grade pepper spray.  Continue reading “Chase Your Chilli Vodka With A Self-Cooling Energy Drink”

Wodka Vodka Removes Controversial Billboards

The Polish/NY vodka company known as “Wodka Vodka” have taken a lot of flak for their recent potentially anti-semitic ad campaign which they promptly removed and apologized for.

The billboard was seen around New York, with the words “Christmas Quality, Hanukah Pricing.” Though it was reportedly designed by a Jewish man, it’s still a question mark.

Especially since I know for a fact that Hanukkah stuff costs way more than Christmas stuff, but maybe that’s only on the West Coast where you have to go to 50 different stores just to find a Menorah.
Continue reading “Wodka Vodka Removes Controversial Billboards”