Abbie Cornish Is Charlize Theron, Sometimes

I have a confession. I watched Madonna’s W.E. and liked it. My friend forced me to, insisting that it was really good (he also got me to like John Carter). After hearing that it was a steaming pile of zoo waste, I was surprised to actually enjoy it.

I paid attention, quite a rarity. I also found myself thinking ‘Wow, I didn’t know Charlize Theron was in this.’ Then in true crazy person form I corrected myself, knowing all along that it was Stop-Loss’ Abbie Cornish.

You know her, she’s the one who [allegedly] ruined Ryan Phillippe’s marriage. I wanted to be all #TeamReese #KillCornish or whatever but I actually like her and think she’s a decent actress.

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Madonna’s Bad Movie, Placenta and Toilet Issues

Did you know that Madonna has a new movie coming out? That she directed. You’d think she would have given up after 2008’s Filth And Wisdom, but she’s a persistent succubus.

The movie is called W.E. and critic Kyle Buchanan is already calling it, “A Razzie front-runner.”

Xan Brooks (The Guardian) gave it one star, and went so far to call it “The turkey that dreamed it was a peacock.”

W.E. is two bad stories in one movie, focusing on the modern romance of a woman who cheats on her husband with a Russian security guard and the affair of King Edward VIII with the American socialite Wallis Simpson.

Madonna showed up at The Venice Film Festival to promote her movie looking super ageless (still) and E! and various sources are reporting that it is due to her favorite beauty treatment – human placenta facials.

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